Feel your best. Every single day.

It sounds ambitious, and we are.
We believe in the power of plants. And we think that products centered around meaningful innovation, ultra-premium quality, and expert coaching will be what empowers and inspires the world to feel well.

Guiding your way to wellness

From our Wellness Coaches to retailers, those who bear the Mandara brand are our allies in wellness. By holding the Mandara family to the highest standards of education and expertise, we ensure that everyone you meet is equipped to provide your well-being with a next level experience.

Doing the bare maximum

That’s why we never cut corners. We approach everything from our products to our customer service with quality, consistency, and care. Mandara is home to real people who are invested in every product, and are ready to chat about them. When it comes to your health, there’s no limit to what we’ll do to help.
Write to us help@mandaraCBD.com

Wellness is our world

Work is a part of wellness, so our company is focused on fostering a community that’s collaborative, creative, supportive, and light-hearted. Our office is an uplifting place with dogs, easy access to sunshine and nature, and vibrant people who embody wellness at their core. If you guessed that we’re in Boulder, CO, you’re right.

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