Lesson #1.5


As a wellness expert in your field, you have a personal relationship with your clients. You’ve watched them transform and have been a trusted partner in their personal wellness journey. With this invaluable perspective, you can make educated recommendations on ways they can integrate CBD into their lives. By considering the whole picture of your client–– their past history, their lifestyle and specific wellness needs­­––you can help your clients develop a CBD regimen that’s truly personalized. This type of service is unique and is not something your clients could ever get by just walking into a retail store. 


Your role becomes threefold: (1) listen, (2) educate, and (3) guide and support. 

Link: Your role as a Mandara Wellness Coach:

  1. Listen
  2. Educate
  3. Guide & Support

As a wellness professional, you begin with listening, asking questions, and hearing your clients’ needs. Next, you have the opportunity to educate clients about the products –– and remember that we are here to answer YOUR questions –– Third, in your practice each client goes through a journey with your guidance and support. 


Keep in mind that CBD isn’t one-sized fits all. Every person is different, and therefore it takes some experimentation to find the right routine for your clients. 



When starting a CBD regimen, think: 

low & slow. 


We like to say, low and slow. Start with a low dose and slowly increase over the course of many days. CBD is best taken daily but it’s important to experiment to find the right dosage.


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